Resource Efficiency Solutions, Inc.

Niche Products

RES has a number of energy saving niche technologies including the Chill Ice heat exchanger, LED lamps with Active Thermal Management Technology, light weight LED Grow Lights, Vendingmisers and much, much more. Here are some examples below:

LED with Active Thermal Management Technology

Our line of LED replacement lamps have the lightest weight, highest lumen output, with focused beam and full-dimming features required to replace halogen lamps. These LED lamps are ideal for track and recessed fixtures in commercial, museum, retail, and hospitality applications. The heavier passive forms of heat management that use aluminum as the heat sink can add a lot of weight to track systems or ceiling tile mounted recessed cans. RES's light weight lamps will actually weigh less than the existing halogen lamps.

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Our 21 watt Energy Star Rated PAR 38's with 1450 lumens can even be used to retrofit 250 watt halogens, and with active cooling technology featuring magnetically driven fans, removes heat from system maximizing lamp life and performance.

MaximICER Heat Exchanger for Ice Machines

MaximICER products recycle energy from ice water to maximize ice availability, dispenser draw performance, and operational costs. MaximICER reduces operational costs by conserving and recycling otherwise wasted energy into utility cost savings. MaximICER usually pays for itself in less than one year from the savings generated by recycling energy from ice water. Click here to view RES MaximICER PDF.

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By utilizing a unique two-stage counter-flow exchange technology, the MaximICER pre-cools the incoming water to an ice machine by recovering the energy from the purged ice water exiting the ice machine. Reducing the incoming water temperature directly lowers the cooling load of the icemaker's refrigeration system and improves performance. This process:

  • Saves electricity by filling the bin faster and allowing the ice machine to shut off
  • Reduces air conditioning costs (for air-cooled ice machines located inside conditioned space)
  • Conserves potable water
  • Reduces the frequency of water filter changes
  • Reduces waste water
  • Prolongs ice machine life by reducing compressor head pressure
  • Potentially eliminates some service calls
  • Lowers incoming water temperature
  • Shortens ice making cycle times which produces more ice
  • Optimizes ice availability in the bin
  • Models available for all types of ice machines
  • 99% Maintenance free utilizing patented anti-mineralization technology
  • Delivers performance when you need it the most

Emergency Call Station Lights

LED Blue Light

If your existing emergency call stations do not currently use blue LED lamps, the niche solution is to retrofit with the RES blue LED lamp with 204 blue LED chips. The visibility of LED emergency blue light phones, stanchions and call boxes creates a sense of security and can deter unsafe activities. These retrofits not only save significant energy and maintenance costs, they will improve the safety on campus because the blue LED retrofit lamp makes the blue color stand out when dark. Campus police at both Florida State University and University of Florida noted that it was a great improvement in identifying the call stations among the other lights at night, which has greatly improved security. Existing lights used by FSU and UF prior to retrofit were 70 watt high pressure sodium. The LED retrofit saved 87% power and lasts much longer. The paybacks are less than 1 year.