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Resource Efficiency Solutions, Inc.

Resource Efficiency Solutions, Inc. (RES) is a unique company because we provide a wide variety of fast payback energy saving technologies that cover lighting, HVAC, water, cooking, refrigeration, vending machines, and ice machines. Our products typically have paybacks of less than two years and can yield 50% or more in energy savings when compared to existing technologies.

RES specializes in lighting retrofits, specifically induction, LED, or fluorescent; and we provide guidance on which technology is best for your application. Our experienced professionals will conduct on site surveys, which include light level testing of scotopic, photopic, and visually effective foot candles, to determine whether your application is suitable for a retrofit installation or if a new fixture would be more cost effective. Since incorporating in 2002, RES has provided the materials to complete numerous successful retrofit and new construction energy saving installations. Our team is here to assist you with your energy saving projects/programs and can provide sample fixtures for testing upon request.


All of our energy saving products are manufactured by high quality companies that you can rely on. Our clientele include universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, local, state and federal governments. RES also works with a variety of private sector building owners. RES has Florida office locations in Tampa and Ft Myers. RES of New England is based in Stratford, CT.

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Please contact us to request a price quote, product catalogs, payback data and product data sheets.