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Fluorescent Lighting

RES offers a variety of fluorescent lighting but our specialty product is T8 Long Life lamps that are compatible with existing or new electronic ballasts. These lamps render significant maintenance savings with advanced technologies to inhibit lumen depreciation. The patented filament design provides 75,000 hours of rated life when used with a programmed-start ballast and 60,000 hours of rated life when used with an instant-start ballast.

fluorescent lighting

Huge Maintenance and Energy Savings:

These T8 Long Life Lamps last nearly three times longer than the typical 20-24,000 hours for most premium fluorescent brands and are 1/10 the cost of 50,000 hour LED tube replacements. -And all this is accomplished without compromising light output levels or color rendering. No other product in the market today can make and substantiate this claim.

The T8 Long Life Lamps are a perfect replacement for any fixture where maintenance costs are a concern – from general office to institutional facilities; locations with high ceilings such as factories, warehouses, sports arenas, libraries, gymnasiums or other commercial areas.

Using the programmed-start ballast, the lamps do not require warm-up time to achieve full luminosity, making it practical to control them with occupancy sensors, photo sensors and other control mechanisms for higher energy savings. Too good to be true? Not at all. Contact RES for more information.