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LED Lighting

38W LED Flag Light

LED Lighting is an excellent choice for replacing incandescent and high energy consuming systems. RES offers a wide array of LED lighting fixtures and LED retrofit kits. Most of our LED products offer paybacks of less than 2 years, with many of our products paying for themselves in less than a year.

An LED (light emitting diode) is an electro–chemical light source. When the diode is forward–biased, light is generated. The light is monochromatic; the color is dependent on the materials used. White light can be produced by using phosphors similar to those used in fluorescent and coated HID lamps.


LED lighting features a list of applications so impressive that it is emerging as one of the best technologies in lighting. Main benefits of LED bulbs are dim-ability, long lifetime, low power consumption, and directional spot lighting. Low heat production makes them a great replacement for places where an incandescent bulb would simply not be suitable. They produce no UV rays which make them ideal for museum, retail, and sensitive material applications.

Medjooled Palms LED
  • Long life: 50,000hrs + reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • Good color rendering
  • Low heat output, reducing AC costs
  • Dimmable
  • Can be used in cold environments
  • vibration-proof
  • High durability - no filament or tube to break
  • System 50-100 Lumens per Watt
  • Produces no harmful UV or IR emissions that can damage or fade product
  • Has a very high scotopic rendering making it appear brighter to the human eye
  • No mercury or hazardous materials to dispose of
  • Illumination is directional– their beams may be focused for flood and spot lighting applications
  • Very High Efficacy up to 53 lumens per watts
  • No environmentally hazardous materials
  • Very low operating temperature
  • Rugged solid state construction