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Induction Lighting


The induction lamp is emerging as one of the newer technologies in lighting. This lamp offers high efficacy and a very long life. Induction lighting is typically used to replace High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting such as mercury vapor, metal halide, and high pressure sodium. HID lighting is typically used for street lights, pole lights, flood lights, warehouse lighting, gym or recreation center lighting, security lighting and building exterior lighting.

HID lighting typically has a rated life of 20,000 to 25,000 hours, which may be shortened significantly if it is installed in areas that have vibration. Unlike HID lighting, induction lighting contains no electrode, is not susceptible to vibration, and has a rated life of 100,000 hours, about five times longer than typical HID lighting.

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When replacing existing HID lighting with induction, we can typically save a minimum of 50% - 60% in energy costs while maintaining or improving the visual effective lumens. Induction lighting is also "instant-on", has no flickering or noise and has very low lumen depreciation over the life of the fixture. The induction lamp offers many features that make it an attractive light source. With such a long rated life, these lamps seldom need replacing, rendering them virtually maintenance-free. This is particularly useful in applications where lamp replacement is cumbersome and expensive.

RES has a wide variety of induction fixtures as well as the ability to provide induction retrofit kits for existing fixtures.

Inductively Coupled Electrode less System

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The induction lamp operates without an electrode. A high frequency generator powers an induction coil. The induced current causes acceleration of charged partilces inside the lamp bulb. The glass assembly surrounding the induction coil contains a mercury electron-ion plasma material, which is energized in a magnetic field producing UV light. The inner portion of the glass is lined with a phosphor coating very similar to that in fluorescent lamps.

  • Long life: 100,000hrs reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • Excellent CRI (Color Rendering Index) 80-95
  • Wide range of Color Temperatures 2700K~6400K
  • Instant Re-Strike Instant Start at –35°C
  • Wide Operating Temperature –35°C~90°C
  • System 80-90 Lumens per Watt
  • Excellent Lumen Maintenance
  • Not vibration sensitive
  • 100% Flicker Free
  • Not adversely impacted by frequent starts
  • High power factor between 95% and 98% efficient
  • Works great in retail high bay areas were light is dispersed all over
  • Hot Strike – Instant re-strike without warming up ensuring that lamps are not lit for extended periods of time unnecessarily. Added safety and security for those applications where instant re-strike is required.
  • Cold Ignition – Induction Lamps can be ignited under much colder circumstances with temperatures lowering to -40 degrees C/-20 degrees F, thus being a preferable light source for cold storages and outdoor lighting applications in cold areas
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